Tandem Canoe Lessons for Couples

Tandem Canoe

Grace, style and teamwork in a tandem canoe – seems to elude many couples.  Here is your chance to take your tandem paddling experience to the next level.  This course is designed specifically for couples. Basic and advanced techniques, such as bow steering, will be covered along with the all important elements of communication, cadence and appreciation of and making the most of each other’s paddling style.

The session is customized to the needs and goals of the participants. This session includes an on water assessment, skill training and post session practice tips.  So whether you are looking to improve that sunset paddle or are contemplating a week long sojourn, this is a way to add some grace, style and harmony to your tandem experience.

Ages 18 and up

affinity group: general
skill level: beginner
ages: adult 18+
prerequisite: none

2 hours

$130 per couple

Includes Instruction and Rental

(canoe, paddle, pfd)

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( min 2 to max 6 people )

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Private Instruction

 $135 / per person / 90 min )

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