Women’s – Introduction to Kayaking

Women's Only

We all know that men and women are different.  Men hunted and protected,  Women gathered and nurtured.  As a result, women’s bodies and brains evolved in completely different ways.

This course is not “easier”, the environment and approach to learning is women specific. Come discover a new outdoor sport or improve existing skills and connect with other women paddlers on this fun introductory kayaking clinic.

Ages 18 and up

Intro to Kayaking is designed to help anyone who is new to kayaking and really wants to get the quick instruction on safety, carrying, getting in and out, and paddling basics (turning, going straight, stopping).

Kayaks are the fastest growing segment of the paddle sport community as they are pretty easy to learn, but good technique from the beginning will enhance both your enjoyment and safety.

The Introduction to Kayaking program consists of

  • land based instruction,
  • on water skill development
  • and a short paddle.
affinity group: women
skill level: beginner
ages: adult 18+
prerequisite: none

2 hours

$65 per person

Includes Instruction and Rental

(kayak, paddle, pfd)

Buffalo PaddleWorks at RiverWorks

Email: info@BuffaloPaddleWorks.com
Address: 359 Ganson Street, Buffalo NY